Recent Work with Our Clients

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Oban - Opportunity Investment Outcome Priority

Our client is a medium Perth based company in the building industry who came to our management consulting firm unsure of where to focus their time and resourcing with respect to business opportunities. Their goal was to accelerate growth, and work out their best path forward.

This is a common occurrence with businesses experiencing a growth phase, as understanding where to focus your efforts is vital in achieving optimal profit and expansion.

Our management consulting team facilitated a series of Opportunities Investment Outcomes Priority (OIOP) Workshops that helped our client assess all the current opportunities and go through a strategic planning process to determine where to focus their time and resources over the next year to maximise benefit and profit for the business.

We are happy to say our clients have experienced a substantial increase in revenue per annum, including the opening of a regional office since being able to strategically focus their opportunities.

Our management consulting team recommends our OIOP as a strategic planning tool for businesses who have multiple options for growth and want to strategise their investment and focus.

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SW19 Tender Uplift

Our client is a well established building consulting firm in Perth who services metro and regional WA. The brief our management consultants received from our client was to apply a content and design uplift to their current tender packages to give them the largest competitive edge possible in private, local government and state government tenders. Our expert consultants and in-house graphic design team conducted a full review of past tenders, and implemented improvements on tender content, company profile, resumes, case studies and visual and branding presentation. Our tender uplift was immediately successful in SW19 winning the first tender using the new tender package.

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Ramsay Services / L&D Consulting / ISO Inspect Marketing Quick Wins

Our clients approached our Marketing Services Division requesting a Marketing Quick Wins Workshop for their companies, to establish what immediate marketing strategies should be implemented with maximum benefit.

Our business consultant and marketing consultant facilitated a Marketing Quick Wins workshop for our clients and conducted a current state analysis, company story, customer profile, goals profile, and quick wins strategy for each business.

Our clients left the workshop with a clear 3 month action plan and strategy for each company, including focus areas and marketing actions and approaches to implement across the business. Actions were also prioritised across the group in order of maximum benefit and logical market exposure.

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Lancaster & Dickenson Consulting - Business Planning

Our client is an experienced Asbestos, Hazardous Materials and OSH company based in Perth who engaged our management consultants to facilitate Business Planning Workshops with their leadership team.

The workshops covered a current state analysis of business functions and operations, analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT), and strategic planning of sales goals, business goals, workforce goals and organisational goals.

Our client’s received a Business Plan on a Page they have been implementing and measuring business performance against regularly. The Business Planning process allowed the leadership team to decide on priorities and focus areas across the business, with trackable indicators that show progress throughout the year.

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Oban - Company 5 Year Strategic Goals

Our client engaged our management consulting services for staff strategic planning sessions to develop the companies 5 year organisational goals.

Our business consultants ran a series of facilitated sessions to create a shared understanding amongst all levels of the business of the company’s recent achievements, and what the company was striving to achieve over the next 3 – 5 years.

The facilitated sessions created healthy discussion and joint learning amongst the team about what was important to the business, and where they were heading. The outcome of the sessions was a 5 year goals poster that is now a focal point in the office.

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Roupell Group - Organisational Redesign

Our client came to us wanting to conduct some strategic planning around their organisational structure and roles, with the potential of redesign.

Our management consultants facilitated an Organisation and Roles Workshop where we assessed the current state, and worked through various options and assessed benefits, disbenefits and risks. Centralised, decentralised, hub and spoke, and matrix models were looked at as options.

The outcome from the strategic planning workshop was that a head company was formed to maximise market exposure and opportunity.

Our management consultants have continued to work with our clients to transition the business group into the new operating model under the head company and embed the changes into the business for optimum efficiency and growth.