Strategy & Advisory

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Strategy and Advisory Services

With two decades of business, management and operational experience, and a proven track record of successful delivery, we can assist you with your growth, improvement and business transition needs.

Whether it is taking that next step, or working out how to navigate through a complex situation or environment, let us share our knowledge and experience with you to give you the support and tools your business needs to move forward with confidence and success.

Our goal is to make difficult scenarios simple for our customers. Clients who work with us enjoy greater clarity, understanding and assurance about their business and the path ahead, resulting in better outcomes and potential for growth.

At TD Strategy and Consulting we provide clear, personalised and tailored advice and strategies to suit each individual client. We deliver the highest quality of service and know exactly what it takes to get the job done.

Let us work with you to unlock your best strategies, and help you get where you want to be.

Strategic Business Planning for Growth

TD Strategy and Consulting is passionate about working with clients to grow their business. One of the most widely used services we offer is an Opportunity Investment Outcome Priority (OIOP) logic-mapping exercise to assist clients with:

  • Having a clearly defined plan for growth.
  • Identifying and analysing what opportunities exist in their current business landscape.
  • Prioritising where best to allocate and invest time, resources and effort within their business.
  • Agreeing on a shared vision of future outcomes and establishing set measurements and targets to track progress in the future.
  • Facilitating logic-based decision making amongst teams.

The OIOP is an excellent business and strategic planning tool to help leadership groups make key decisions about prioritising opportunities and investment activities in periods of growth and expansion, to achieve successful outcomes. The OIOP will often become the prism a business uses to filter future decisions through to ensure ongoing activities are strategically aligned with desired business outcomes.

The OIOP is perfect for businesses looking to take that next step, who want to test their thinking and make sure their resources are strategically placed for the best outcomes possible. The focus of the OIOP is to apply critical thinking, analyse, prioritise and make decisions as a team. The OIOP can also be inverted and used as a problem-solving tool.

Current State and Future State Mapping

Current State and Future State Mapping is a valuable way to define all elements of your business today and then map out elements of your business as you want to see it at a forecasted period of time.

This business and strategic planning process allows teams to take stock of their current business’s structure, services, culture, processes and finances, and project themselves into the future and think in detail how each individual element will change; creating a shared imagined future that the business will begin working towards. 

With your Current and Future State mapped out the road to change can then be easily planned as your business begins its transition journey. This process suits businesses who have a vision for the future, and want a clear, defined roadmap for their path to change that gets them from point A to point B in a focused, methodical way.

Strategic Planning and Business Planning

As seasoned facilitators TD Strategy and Consulting can assist with delivering Strategic Planning and Business Planning Workshops and help clients develop the highest quality Strategic Plans, Business Plans and Operational Plans. We cater our services for all types and styles of businesses, with a focus on business and strategic planning.

  • Strong Business Identity and Values
  • Tailoring for the Audience
  • Working with Leadership Teams to Capture Strategic Vision
  • Clear and Accurate Data
  • Strong Service/Activity/Outcome Linkage
  • Measurable Performance Targets

Let us help plan your future, so that your business has a clear strategy for success.