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Business and Management Consultancy

A range of bespoke business consulting and management consulting services are available to meet your needs. Let us bring our decades of knowledge and experience to help support you and your management team through periods of change, challenge, growth and improvement. We can assist your businesses in many areas including: 

  • Business Growth, Change and Performance Improvement
  • Profit Optimisation
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Tender and Business
  • Case Development
  • Stakeholder Management and Negotiation
  • Organisational Health Checks and Path to Success Strategies
  • Marketing, Social Media, Communications and Graphic Design
  • Process Redesign and Implementation
  • Strategic Planning, Business Planning and Operational Planning
  • Organisational Restructures
  • Risk Management and Assurance
  • Capability and Maturity Gap Assessments
  • Leadership and Culture Improvement
  • Change Management and Transition Management
  • Project Management and Program Management


Businesses working with TD Strategy and Consulting will receive expert advice and consulting services tailored to their business, including problem identification, working with management and stakeholders to develop targeted strategies and solutions, and assisting businesses through to implementation and resolution.

All businesses are faced with challenges. We are here to help you through periods of challenge, improvement or growth, to help you stay focused on what’s important.

Organisational 'Health Check' and Path to Success Strategies

To ensure that your business can thrive, it is vital to understanding the current health of your organisation and how you can improve to optimise growth and increase profit. TD Strategy and Consulting can assist your business with conducting an Organisational ‘Health Check’ to identify any opportunities for profit optimisation, performance improvement, streamlining, waste reduction and process redesign.

Let us work with your business to look within your organisation to see what your strengths are, and what areas can be improved within your business to increase profit, capability and performance. Our Organisational Diagnostic service focuses on four key phases to help deliver a full deep dive into your business:

Throughout each phase we will work closely with leadership teams to make sure we develop a clear, pragmatic path to success strategy that fits within your vision for the future.

Armed with this plan for success, you will then possess the information you need to increase your business’s organisation health, performance, growth and profits.

Change Management and Transition Management

TD Strategy and Consulting are business transition experts, having worked with a range of organisations and industries to implement and manage all types of change.

With experience in process redesign and implementation, restructures, decommissioning and downsizing, mergers, policy and legislative change and ICT transformation programs, we are passionate about business transformation and helping organisations evolve.

Whilst change can often have positive outcomes, if not managed well, it can be a stressful period for an organisation. We aim to take the uncertainty out of our clients’ transition journey by providing clear, structured transition plans and Consultancy strategies through even the most complex change issues.

We work together with leadership teams to make sure no part of your organisation is left behind through a transition, and that the changes you want are here to stay.

Project Management and Program Management Consultancy

For the past two decades TD Strategy and Consulting has successfully delivered major complex Infrastructure, ICT, Policy, Transition, Workforce, Business and Operational projects and programs.

We provide project, program and portfolio management advice and consultancy to project owners and project teams through all project and program phases.

Our project management ethos is outcome focused, with a pragmatic and streamlined approach to delivery. With a reputation across industry for being problem solvers, we can be sure to help you deliver across all your project and program outcomes.

Let us share our extensive project knowledge and experience with your business to help you achieve the very best results.